My other passion is...

Website Design

Professional Actor Websites

In my early years, I completed 4 years of full time studies. 1 year of Fine arts, 2 years dedicated to the principles of Graphic design and finally a year in Website IT (Australia) application. It was a perfect parallel profession alongside the inconsistencies of acting. With over 25 years of industry experience in Magazine layout, Photoshop manipulation and Website design. I enjoy being a creative professional, expressing myself through any means I can! 

Your branding

As actors, the biggest asset we have is ourselves. We do the homework for our characters, we arrive to set on time and make sure we are reliable when we work on set. To continue that online, it’s important to present yourself as best as you can. Be thoughtful about your branding and how you would like to be perceived.

So if you aren’t tech savvy or don’t have time to build or maintain a professional looking website yourself, reach out through Instagram.

My Nerdy Skills:
My new hobby: Photography

I use a Sony A7iii camera in all my photography and videography. It’s been a great camera for headshots, lifestyle events and all my professional applications such as websites, social media and food photography. Paired with a Rode NTG mic and a myriad of LED lights, I now enjoy a perfect home studio for interviews and self-taped auditions.


Website Creation Process

– Domain name registration
– Website Hosting plan
– Update DNS to point to server
– SSL/HTTPS for secure data transfer
– Install WordPress & Web builder
– Install required plugins
– reCaptcha v3 Forms spam filter
Web Design
– Select and install theme/template
– Customize design, fonts and colors
– Upload prepared client content (text/images), integrate external links
– Optimize images for fast loading
– Adjust and edit template styles and settings for a professional finish
Recurring items
– Domain name, Hosting and SSL are always a renewable service
– WordPress and plugins updates regularly installed to keep site secure.
– Redundant plugins removed or replaced if conflicts occur.
– Upload new content to keep site fresh

Technical setup

Domain Name (1yr)
Website Hosting (1yr)
Set-up (DNS, SSL, reCaptcha)
Install WordPress
Install Template
Set up basic Contact Form

Web design package

Technical Setup Package
Install Elementor Web Builder
Customize Theme (colours, fonts)
Custom Favicon (in browser tabs)
Layout 3 Standard Pages
15 images (Optimized)
Mobile Responsive Design
1 set of Revisions (2hrs)

Flexible | Hourly

Hire me hourly (websites)
Rebuild existing website
Web design package add-ons
Technical assistance
Content Updates
Design Modification
Photo or Video Editing
building a website

Important aspects of a website

SEO friendly URLS
Customized Theme
Clear Navigation
Optimised Images
Portfolio Links