Taking chances.

Acting is about taking a chance on yourself. Every time we step in front of a camera, we have to dig deep, confront our vulnerabilities, tap into resources buried deep inside ourselves so we can relate to the characters we are playing. We have to be bold enough to try,  brave enough to fail and humble enough to enjoy our successes. These lessons have helped me to chase after every other passion in my life, no matter how random. I embrace every creative expression that I’m driven to explore.

Born in Singapore, I moved to Toronto, Canada with my family at the age of 4. On my 10th birthday, my family relocated to Sydney, Australia to be closer to our extended family.  It was around the age of 20, when I was spotted by a casting agent from the ABC (Australian Broadcasting Corporation) which led to multiple auditions. As fate would have it, the very first gig I ever landed was a recurring role on Channel 7’s “Home & Away“, followed by a regular spot on the ABC’s hit series GP. Since then, it’s been a fun ride appearing in over a dozen Commercials and over two dozen Film & TV shows. A full credit list can be found on my IMDB page or on my resume.

I currently live in Vancouver Canada, where I continue to keep busy with acting and chasing dreams… I’ve competed in 47 episodes of Masterchef Australia, hosted a cooking show on Gusto TV and share personal recipes on my food-centric website and social media channels.

Our family business Five Tins Media, is where I get to express my nerdy side, through Web Design,  entrepreneurial projects and collaborate with other creative people.

If you have the emotion, it infects you and the audience. If you don't have it don't bother; just say your lines as truthfully as you are capable of doing. You can't fake emotion.

~ Sanford Meisner