Take chances.

Born in SINGAPORE, my parents moved our family to Toronto, Canada when I was very young. They took a chance, a huge chance, with three young kids in tow. They had no family here in beautiful Canada, they had to learn new customs and a new language. It wasn’t easy, but they worked hard, and explored every opportunity with a joyful heart. Then, a few years later, they did it all again, moving us to Sydney Australia so we could be closer to our extended family. Their bravery and hard work over the years, meant I had the privilege of becoming a dual AUSTRALIAN and CANADIAN citizen. I fully understand this gift and am thankful for the confidence they instilled in me – the desire to live fully and take chances whenever possible!

ACTING is about taking a chance on yourself. Every time I step in front of a camera, I do my best to dig deep, confront my vulnerabilities, and tap into the resources that are buried deep within me, to connect with the character I am portraying in the most authentic way that I can. No matter how foreign the environment I find myself, or how painful the memory is that I need to tap into,  I know I am brave enough to try. I hope to be brave enough to fail and humble enough to enjoy my successes. Over the years, my endeavours have always been in the creative fields, albeit random at times, it’s still the willingness to try new things that excites me. I want to embrace every creative expression that I’m driven to explore.

Scouted at random when I was 20, my first acting role was on Channel 7’s “Home & Away” appearing in 22 episodes – the best a crash course into acting I could have ever wished for! This led to regular roles on Channel 9’s “Paradise Beach”,  then ABC’s hit series “GP” and “Grassroots”. I’ve since appeared in over a dozen Commercials and landed roles in dozens of Film & TV shows. A full credit list can be found on my IMDB page or on my resume.

I have a Graphic Design background, love to cook and share my personal recipes via social media and on my food-centric website. I live back in Vancouver Canada, still having fun acting and chasing dreams… 

If you have the emotion, it infects you and the audience. If you don't have it don't bother; just say your lines as truthfully as you are capable of doing. You can't fake emotion.
~ Sanford Meisner