Theresa Wong

Many moons ago, I was minding my own business when an agent stopped me to ask if I was interested in acting… Uh, yeah, of course! That’s how it all started and I soon booked my first gig on a popular national TV series in Australia called Home & Away.

I was studying Graphic Design at the time, and like a smart cookie, I continued to study (so I had a good ‘day job‘ to fall back on) and thank goodness I did, because like most actors know… this is a rollercoaster of a career choice. Since those early days, I’ve been lucky enough to enjoy working on set as a regular cast member on multiple TV series, but I’ve also had to push through the hard grind of doing back to back auditions without setting foot on a film set for months. It can be a tough ride, but I love it.

Luckily for me, my creative side continues to fire on all cylinders, pushing me to follow other passions such as cooking (a side-effect of being a child to restaurateurs). After competing on Masterchef Australia and hosting a cooking show with Gusto TV Canada, I am often found covered in flour, testing and writing new recipes for my food-centric website and social media channels.